Valarie Perez-Schere

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About the speaker

Valarie Perez-Schere is a co-founder of Fluid Movement, Baltimore’s 21 year old performance group, known for its huge water ballet spectacles and much more. Her emphasis in the early days of the organization was on Fluid Movement’s community involvement and the collaborative process that is foundational to Fluid Movement’s ethos, and she continues to build relationships and collaborations as Artistic Director. Fluid Movement has worked with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts, Baltimore VOTES, the Dan Meyer Choir, AVAM, Sync or Swim, and other stellar artists and organizations. Val has produced, directed, written, costumed, starred in, performed in, and consulted on countless performances, large and small. Outside the organization, she is a parent of three children, is a Playworker at Community Play Project in Hamilton, and is a member of the two-piece Prince cover band The Little Prince. She is an actor and performer in local theater and film.

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