FieldTrip: Talking Heads—Great Band, Bad Meeting Plan

April 24, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Your Home or Office

Additional details

We’re all doing a lot more virtual meetings in the era of COVID-19, and the rules are (or should be) different. Join Ann Blocker, CMATX organizer and founder of Coddi Advisors, for a highly interactive workshop exploring how to make virtual meetings fun and effective. We’ll tackle how to ensure you have the right people in the room and ways to tap into the wisdom in the room. She’ll also show us how to use toolsets like Liberating Structures and Mural to run virtual meetings with confidence and style.

We will be broadcasting live via Zoom. We’ll share the official streaming link the night before the event. In the meantime, please download and install Zoom to the device of your choice. Don’t worry, Zoom accounts are free.