In this talk, Umair explains that ego is a huge barrier in our abilities to explore the power of intention

There is a bigger intention at play, one that powers our brain & pumps our hearts. It’s the same force that has trees growing, volcanoes erupting and planets moving. We know it as life but it’s spirit and strengthening your bond with it breeds clarity. We’re never disconnected but can have corrosion blocking our flow! Once we’re on the spirit grid, ideas flow and abundance fosters, winning is defined by impact and life by its legacy!

About the speaker

Umair Jaliawala is a Director & Master Trainer at School of Leadership, a social enterprise, that works to channel the immense potential of the youth towards the right direction. The organization designs programs & initiatives to stimulate conscious endeavor, for people to discover & utilize their unquestionable ability to elevate their lives.

Umair envisioned and brought a youth center to life known as Karachi Youth Support Network (KYSN). It played the role of an enabler of care, conversation, connection and contribution, where the youth were given space to break free and explore themselves.

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