Tuncay Acar

Hosted at frog

part of a series on Rebel

About the speaker

Tuncay Acar is an all-round creative, musician, graffiti artists, networker and promoter. Born in Munich in 1968, this child of Turkish immigrant workers has his roots grounded at the beginning of the European hip-hop and graffiti movement.

After finishing his archaeology study in Istanbul and Munich, he worked as a designer and programmer, but quickly moved away from regular employment to become a freelance creative.

Since then, Tuncay has been organizing music, art, theater and street-art projects in Munich and Istanbul, often focusing on the intersection of Turkish and German culture. One of these projects was ‘Import Export’, took place at a former Turkish supermarket, where he organized cultural events together with Michael Schild. His next big project, funded by the EU, is called “What’s the deal?”, and focuses on the intersection of urban culture and sustainability (www.wtd-project.eu).

In his talk, Tuncay will take us on his journey how he became a rebel and provide insights what it means to act and live as a rebel in a city such as Munich.

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