See how a Berlin-based group of creative professionals do fun stuff with new technology, wearable electronics and bicycles

Trafo Pop is a group of cyclists who are also professional artists. They build jackets using wearable technology like Arduino, and organize night rides and workshops. In this video Trafo Pop’s master mind Thomas Gnahm demonstrates some of their electronis on the stage, incl. a documentation video of the dance performance “Green Lake // Nogoon Nuur” by Christian Spieß from Lichtgestalten, their Pixel Stick that allows spacial light printing, and a new LED vest with light animations that can be started by a mobile phone. Amazing!

About the speaker

Thomas Gnahm is the founder of Trafo Pop, a group of cyclists made up of artists and designers who gather at dusk to show off their creations. They have been causing a stir with their homemade light jackets, with built-in LED screens, which are controlled by microprocessors. Trafo Pop is also famous for its Trafo Stick, a magic LED sword that built customized light sculptures in every room.

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