Thijs Biersteker: new media artist

Hosted at IN10 Creative Digital Agency

part of a series on Craft

About the speaker

When he isn’t busy making headlines in publications like Wired Magazine, New Scientist, Fast company, the Guardian or winning Cannes Lions awards and Webby’s, new media artist Thijs Biersteker spends time putting his unique craft to very good use.

By working at the nexus of art, design, technology and innovation, he creates immersive people-centred experiences. His thought-provoking work often triggers a deeper questioning about key issues in our world, at the same time inducing a state of awe that keeps the viewer suspended into an imaginary parallel dimension, where science has fantastic proportions. One such work is “Plastic Reflectic”, an installation that not only succeeded to draw much needed attention to the consequences of damaging nature, but also won him the prestigious Gold Lumen Prize.

With his work, Thijs fills a much-needed niche, which bridges the gaps between physical and digital, data and emotions, industry and nature. His interdisciplinary craft is authentic and powerful, which is why we asked him to be our guest speaker for the month of June.

You can follow his work on his website and Instagram

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