Tammy Meyers

November 22, 8:30am - 10:00am MST. Hosted at Lost Grove Brewing

part of a series on Lost

About the speaker

Tammy Meyers is drawn to the unusual, to the outcasts and free spirits. She throws support to those who stand up for their convictions—whether they agree or not.

For years, Tammy has been encouraging people to shift their energy from presenting as who others think they should be to proudly owning and sharing their gifts with authenticity. When you feel lost, you need to creatively come up with ways to find yourself. She believes seeing someone make that shift is one of the most spectacular things you can witness. “Doing it yourself,” she says, “is a whole new ball game.”

Everyone has a story, everyone can relate, and everyone has the choice on whether they are going to turn back and help someone else through.

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