Tamara Robeer

December 28, 9:30am - 12:30pm PKT. Hosted at National Incubation Center

part of a series on Silence

About the speaker

Tamara Robeer is an open and playful free spirit with a passion for creative expression, self-transformation and behavioural embodied transformation.

She holds a BS in International Business, a BA in Documentary and Journalistic Photography and is a certified consciousness life coach. She has a background in working in the international videogame industry for over 12 years in different capacities, works as an independent photographer worldwide and coaches people and startups to step into their most passionate, purposeful and powerful expression for the last 4 years.

As the founder of Energy Works she currently facilitates creative and personal development trainings as well as facilitates creative marketing content consultancy for a set of different clients. She teaches photography at Beaconhouse National University, gives visual storytelling workshops and continues to photograph for her international clients.

She is passionate about supporting herself and others, to live their full embodied potential. Integrating mind, spirit and body through breath, dance, authentic relating and meditation.

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