Communication Specialist, a mother of two beautiful daughters, an educator and an ardent community builder striving to uplift the local creative community!

Graphic design especially branding and brand strategy, event curation, planning and management, and most importantly how to work and concentrate when your kids are screaming and playing in the same room :)

Learning a new language

If you don't ask for it, you won't get it!

I do not have a single role model but professionally, I admire the work of lot of people and follow them regularly like Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh for creativity and branding. Simply love the data visualisations by Giorgia Lupi and Federica Fragapane and a lot of other people like Timothy Goodman, Debbie Millman, Christopher Nieman and the list goes on


Teaching (design) and event planning and management

Projects' Deadlines and dance moves!

Few tools and tips in Adobe Illustrator or a dance move?