Taku Mbudzi

October 21, 7:30am - 8:45am AWST. Hosted at Bankwest Place

part of a series on Transparency

About the speaker

I moved to Australia to study architecture, then I changed my mind halfway through my 4th year of study. It’s a long story, but this is the default bio I use nowadays…“Taku Mbudzi is a Zimbabwe-born speaker, comedian and writer based in Perth. She has been celebrating cultural diversity on Australian stages, radio and TV since 2006. Taku shares her stories to inspire people to celebrate their uniqueness and dream boldly, no matter where they are from. She is especially passionate about using humour to help Australian children speak up and out for themselves. Her latest children’s book ‘Multicultural Me’ uses cartoons to promote friendship and respect in primary schools.”

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Additional details

We’ve back for Spring with more deep dives into practices, stories and approaches. Introducing Taku Mbudzi who is super keen to meet you:

“From architecture to stand-up comedy. What Perth’s comedy community is teaching me about creative storytelling and collaboration.”