Born in Canberra, raised in the waves of the south coast of NSW, I took my DIY influences from skateboarding and scarcity. Boredom was a part of life, only later did I realise it's an illusion, there's always something going on. In December 2014 I took the leap and left Bankwest. I'm now running a few businesses in the intersection of art, design and people. It's amazingly energising.

Know-it-alls. I might be one of them. I know a lot about learning.

Music. I find it slow to learn. Especially lyrics.

Sometimes to get to the next island you need to lose sight of the shore.

My daughter. I learn from her every day and she occasionally reflects my own behaviours and makes me a better person.


Career? What's that? My backup career is my skillset.

Moods, waves and contact improvisation

That would depend on the person and their needs. Maybe tying straw bales which I learnt when making my straw-bale studio (did you notice I managed to throw that in oh so casually). It's a great knot, it's really tight and easy to undo, perfect for every occasion. Besides knots are kind of a lost skill.

Batman on a showground ride. I guess i kind of ruined it for you.