“Survival & Wealth-Creation by adjusting to new conditions l” by Robert Bluett

June 16, 8:30am - 10:00am +07. Hosted at BU Gallery

part of a series on Survival

About the speaker

Survival and Wealth-Creation by adjusting to new conditions

If the rate of change in a market exceeds the rate of development within a company, the end is near. By contrast, individuals and companies most adaptable to change are better able to survive and flourish. Optimising Human Capital by selecting, developing, and motivating talent, results in Wealth-Creation for all stakeholders in a society.

Short Bio

Accomplished HR business leader and advisor, with over 30 years of diversified industry experience at the senior management level of multi-national corporations. Adaptive style and cultural awareness allowed him to implement highly effective HR structures, throughout Asia and Africa. Focusing on corporate growth and expansion, developing HR structures and systems inclusive of HR Strategic Development, measurement and management of Human Capital and innovative L & D processes.

• Lectures on “Human Capital Contribution” at Universities in Thailand.

• Coaches Chairmen, CEO’s and HR Professionals.

• Consults Thai Government Bodies to embed the concept of “Human Capital Contribution”.

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