Mitra Mostofi speaks on Survival

June 16, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT. Hosted at River Oaks Bookstore

part of a series on Survival

About the speaker

Mitra Mostofi is the author of This Was No Coincidence, a self-help memoir in which she narrates her journey on surviving an identity crisis. Growing up a white immigrant in a non-affluent black neighborhood — not rich enough to be cool enough with her Royal-esque expat family — she had many life-altering events. Her journey with breast cancer at 27 gave her the courage to set out on the path of self-awakening.

Her contemplative practice of self-awareness enriched in her creativity, rather than reactivity. Her background is in medicine, and Mitra plans to utilize the knowledge of physical health in bridging mind-body awareness. Her second book, Reflections to Enlightenment, is a collection of her collected adages.

At an interfaith dialogue in 2015, Mitra brought connectivity through self-actualization in a polarizing time. She spoke on an IAW Foundation panel in 2016 and co-facilitated a workshop for young cancer survivors. Mitra is a graduate of More to Life and the Landmark Forum. “When I was asked to speak about self-awareness at a Mensa conference themed Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, I quickly thought how on earth or outer space can I relate self-awareness to Star Trek. After watching The Final Frontier, I was assured to know that Star Trek is all about self-awareness. It was the first of its kind to introduce this somewhat vague topic to the general public. I then realized Mitra is my name and mission Sybok. I have a daily journey in crossing the Great Barrier in our Final Frontier. The title of my talk was ‘Self-Awareness Starship to Cross the Great Barrier.’ The URL domain for Mitra was already taken so I came up with Mitraship. I vision building a self-awareness community virtually, metaphysically and or through my events. We live in our own learning lessons. What we share can help the momentum of self-awareness. Please stay on board with us.”