Ishmael Levi is a Brooklyn bred singer, songwriter, and musician with Caribbean roots.

Ishmael Levi is a Brooklyn bred Singer/songwriter/musician with Caribbean roots (Guyana). His mother introduced him to the arts a way to keep him away from the streets. Ishmael Levi started his musical journey playing Africa Djembe percussion in a congregation/ youth program at age 8. As he grew, so did his musical appetite. Ishmael Levi continued to pursue music, learning multiple instruments and styles along the way. It wasn’t until he learned to play guitar that discovered his voice. Shortly after his discovery, he started performing on New York transit platforms. Currently, with his unique style, Ishmael Levi performs all throughout New York City and globally as the lead singer/ guitarist of international Reggae Rock band “British Dependency”. But if you catch him in New York, you might hear him at local venues or on the same New York City transit platforms where he got his start and hones his skills.

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Happy New Year! Join us for our first event of 2020 with our speaker Summer Rayne Oakes.

Summer Rayne Oakes is an entrepreneur, author and media host whose work focuses on health, wellness and sustainability. She most recently launched Homestead Brooklyn and Plant One On Me, a website and YouTube series, respectively to help reconnect people to nature through the beauty of plants and gardening.

In January 2019, she released the Houseplant Masterclass, which is the first comprehensive, online audiovisual course on houseplant cultivation, care and maintenance; and started a community Plant Swap page to encourage people around the world to get together to swap plants and stories. Her books include How to Make a Plant Love You; SUGARDETOXME; and Style, Naturally. Oakes graduated from Cornell University cum laude with degrees in Environmental Sciences and Entomology.

You may see her in Brooklyn hanging out at her local community garden or tending to her own copious indoor jungle. Find out more about her work, on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn and at

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