Studio Photography 101 with B&H Photo

December 18, 5:00pm - 6:30pm EST. Hosted at B&H NYC (Event Space)

About this FieldTrip

This FieldTrip will take us to the mecca of photography, B&H Photo where we will learn the latest studio photography tips using LED lighting and light modifiers. B&H Mavens will have several shooting stations set up and will teach you how to easily take portraits or still life shots that really look like a pro made them! They will cover the basics like how to ratio main, background, and fill light, use reflectors and reveal secrets to unleash the high-quality image making power found in every camera or iPhone.

Bring your camera (make sure you have a memory card and batteries fully charged) or iPhone and get ready to learn the basics of studio lighting.

And since the FieldTrip timing falls right in the middle of “snack time” (after lunch, before dinner), we’ll have light bites starting at 6:30pm, with the space staying open for participants to mingle and ask further questions until 730pm!

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