I am a fashion designer, lawyer and voracious reader. I am obsessed with several authors but most obsessed with James Baldwin. I believe that James Baldwin was ahead of his time and prescient about the situation that this country currently finds itself in. Excited to explore this rich subject with the Creative Mornings Community. Professionally, my passion is creating amazing textiles through a traditional dyeing tradition called Adire. We handdye all of our textiles and use to create gorgeous and vibrant clothing. We are firm believers in dynamic and colorful clothing that gives the wearers an opportunity to peacock and show off. In addition, to my love of textiles, I box, love to read, host a podcast, creating short documentaries of traditional Nigerian cultural practices.

James Baldwin, Boxing, Yoruba Culture, Adire and African textiles.

Marketing, branding, growth hacking a fashion company.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.

Such a long list -James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Malcolm X.

I can talk to anyone. I love connecting to people.

Talk show host.

Relatives phone numbers

How to cure an hiccup. How to box properly.

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