Story Time! with CMNSH

Hosted at Zoom

part of a series on Biophilia

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This year, we’ve all missed out on shared histories, unbelievable stories told by new faces, and tall tales spun with the help of bartenders. Let’s come together and tell some of our best stories!

That’s it. That’s the event.

What would be some great stories to tell? Some ideas:

Holiday stories

Office stories

Origin stories

Nashville stories

Family stories

Embarrassing stories

If you were at our last “audience takes the stage” event (or really just about any of our events), you know that our audience of artists, architects, and agency owners (and that’s just the A’s) can really spin a yarn.

This will be one of our most fun events ever!

Scared to speak in front of the group? Duh, obviously. We’ll take care to create a warm, supportive, positive environment, as always, and there will be some loose guidelines to help you focus. We’ll let you know how much time you have (2-3 minutes), and give you warnings before it’s up.

Take a few minutes this week to prepare a story or two, and then raise your hand as we bounce from topic to topic (don’t worry, we’ll make time for “miscellaneous”). Or improvise on the spot! That’s how it works in real life, right?

We found some storytelling tips from The Moth (so good) and Masterclass (take a look at #7) to get you started. But just being yourself is enough for us!

This event will be informal, and less structured than one of our usual events, with your stories as the focus for the day.

Let’s end the year with some laughs and old-fashioned connection – you know we need it!