On electric cars and education

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First to drive an electric car across the United States. Developers of solar-powered pedestrian light sources. Creators of an electric race car that gets 445 miles to the gallon. All of this sounds pretty revolutionary, right? Especially when you find out it was accomplished by a bunch of high school students.

For the past 11 years, Steve Rees has used creativity to challenge, rethink and reinvent our education system. At MINDDRIVE, he teaches sustainable design, automotive reconstruction and communication studies to at-risk high school students to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and build confidence. “There is a division happening with the immediacy of knowledge via the internet that’s in contrast with the need for visceral feeling from hands-on interaction and learning,” Steve says. “In a way the two seem to stretch apart in opposite directions but, in reality, the human need to touch and manipulate stimulates thinking and innovation.”

Come hear what else Steve has to say about the physical and mental worlds — and how bringing them closer together may be just the revolution our education system needs.

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