Enjoying MDMA and Psychedelics - a Human Right?

June 30, 8:00am - 9:00am CEST. Hosted at Grafill

part of a series on Revolution

About the speaker

Pål-Ørjan Johansen is a clinical psychologist and researcher. He is director of EmmaSofia. EmmaSofia is a non-profit organization, based in Oslo, Norway, working to expand access to quality-controlled MDMA and psychedelics, for medical and other legal purposes. According to The New York Times, EmmaSofia “stands at the vanguard of a global movement now pushing to revise drug policies set in the 1970s”. About the name EmmaSofia: Emma means “universal” and Sofia means “wisdom”, Emma is also a popular nickname for MDMA, Sofia represents psychedelics or “the philosopher stone”.

Pål-Ørjan received a Fulbright Fellowship from the US State Department and has had research fellowships at Harvard Medical School. His research on MDMA and psychedelics was funded by a grant from the Norwegian government. With his wife Teri Krebs, Pål-Ørjan co-authored the first meta-analysis of LSD as a treatment of alcoholism and the first large population study of mental health in people who have used psychedelics. Their research has been featured in Nature News, BBC, Scientific American, and even The Onion, has gone viral on social media, and has contributed to the increasingly open global conversation about psychedelics.

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Additional details

The Norwegian Health Minister, Bent Høie, recently called for an “open and honest debate” about legal regulation of drugs. In the light of this, one debate that has been getting a lot of attention is revolving around wether quality-controlled MDMA (‘ecstasy’) and psychedelics should be distributed more freely or not.

We have invited Pål-Ørjan Johansen, director of EmmaSofia in Oslo to talk about why he means you should “stand up for your human right to enjoy MDMA and Psychedelics”