Andreea Iager Tako - ‘How insecurities make you create safespaces for communities'

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Andreea Iager Tako has always been passionate about discovering the unique treasures of every individual she crossed paths with and she stubbornly wants to connect the dots. Exposed to art at an early age, she studied abroad at 16 to understand she loves to travel while never wanting to leave home. Soon after graduating Psychology, she co-founded PLAI festival (a 100% volunteer based festival, promoting diversity and community forming), then AMBASADA (an independent reconverted cultural space, social enterprise that supports doers in any domain) and, more recently, FABER - together with smaller or larger teams from the local community.

What needs our work, what generates change, what needs help to improve, but also what makes us – us. Insecurities speak about us in very vulnerable but honest way and as much as we want to annihilate them, they make us unique and keep us learning.

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