Welcome to CreativeMornings/LeamingtonSpa.

Middle England? It certainly is. Leamington’s located slap bang in the centre of the country - we’ve even got a tree to prove it.

As for being a host city? Well, technically no. Unlike most CreativeMornings destinations, we’re a town, and not a big one. You may hear us being referred to as a city on here from time to time - we’ll take it as a compliment!

Leamington’s bubbling with creative talent and we want to offer a space for it to be shouted about. We want CreativeMornings to be somewhere you can hear people talking about their failures as easily as their successes, somewhere that collaborations and conversations can begin at our monthly encounters and continue in the weeks between. Somewhere you get that hit of inspiration we all need from time to time. We want CreativeMornings to be the first date in your diary for the next month.

So who are we?

Right now, CreativeMornings/LeamingtonSpa is a team of two. Chris and Martina are a husband and wife duo who met at local dance-circus and aerial company, Motionhouse. They’ve been performing together on stages and on the sides of buildings across the world until Martina decided to hang up her Feiyues earlier this year.

If we’ve not already met, we’re looking forward to seeing you - even if that’s bleary-eyed and in need of coffee - at a CreativeMorning soon!

Ping us an email or pick up the phone and get in touch with us to find out more on:




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