In her talk, Soreyda traces her journey from working in in Honduran sweatshops as a teenager and witnessing injustices firsthand, to becoming a successful fashion designer in Lexington, KY and channeling her experiences into activism. She speaks to her learnings in overcoming angers and frustrations and channeling them for good, and how it’s always hard work. But it’s not as hard if we’re all doing it, every day, together.

About the speaker

Soreyda Benedit Begley is a fashion designer, a radio host, community organizer and activist originally from Honduras, now based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is very active in the Lexington local arts and culture scene. She has won several awards for her work as an artist as well as an activist. Because of her experience working in sweatshops as a teenager in her native country, Soreyda is an advocate for fair trade, women’s rights and sustainable development.

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