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Sofia Clara is a Lausanne-based interior designer, blogger, and YouTuber. She was born on an avocado farm in the south of Spain to British parents, but has called Lausanne home for almost 20 years. Sofia graduated from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and has since been working independently on a multitude of projects between Lausanne and London.

Sofia’s design work includes restaurants, apartments, office spaces, and shop windows. Her biggest local decor projects include two restaurants she opened with 5 friends, Le Pointu and the recently opened Loxton.

Sofia’s one and only objective is to make a living working on projects she loves with people she loves.

Sofia considers herself a lifestyle entrepreneur. She aims to make a living from the activities she would do if she could plan out her ideal day.

Within this slightly utopic life she aims to live, pressing restart is something she thinks she does every single day, perhaps even multiple times a day - things go wrong in the creative process of a project and you have to start again, clients’ requests change, we change, the things that drive us are no longer the same, our goals change, our entire business models need to be rethought, etc.

After about 2 years of telling herself that she needed to find and stick to her focus, that she needed to stop pressing restart, Sofia believes she has now found peace with pressing restart as many times as she could possibly want within the space of a year, a day, or even an hour.

Sofia has no mission statement, no set goals, and no measurable objectives. She follows her passions and the projects and people that make her buzz with excitement. Tomorrow may look totally different than it looks today.

She says of Restart, “As long as my memory isn’t wiped and I continue to learn along the way and continuously move forwards as a better person, is there really any harm is starting again over and over again?”

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