Silvia Lupuianu

Hosted at Infinite Yoga Malmö

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About the speaker

Silvia Lupuianu is a designer and developer at Hamrén, a Norrköping- and Malmö-based agency that combines the best of both worlds - creativity and tech - to create both digital and print media solutions for their clients, be it a brand identity, a website, or a book. As a designer/developer spending her days in front of a computer, Silvia is confident the Internet and its many exciting possibilities and shiny gadgets can be a great tool in paving the way to a better place for everyone. At the same time, she has seen all the ways in which it can become an obstacle instead of a bridge: from misguided design choices that make text illegible to outright discrimination. As a woman, an immigrant, a person who has worn glasses for 76,66% of her life, Silvia has some experience in how the Internet can sometimes be problematic, but she isn’t special at all: an unexpectedly high number of people (no spoilers! but she promises it’s not clickbait either!) live with some form of temporary or permanent impairment or difficulty. Add to that all the other ways you can exclude people from the conversation and you get… a lot of people left out. In her talk, Silvia will explore the reasons why making an investment in a more accessible and inclusive web can be a long term win-win for both customers and businesses - with bullet points included and ready to take straight to your CEO - and how to contribute to a better web for a better world.

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Join us for our 6th year birthday here in Malmö with an intimate event at the beautiful Infinite Yoga. We’ll explore the topic of “Invest” along with fun surprises for the guests who can join us! Make sure to get on the list.