Shachaf presents a web series exploring Israel’s creatives and the creative impulse from inside their studios.

About the speaker

Shachaf Dekel is a video artist. Her works deal with different layers of language and empathy, and the way they are transformed through human experience. She approaches these themes from different angles in her search to tell a story in a minimalistic way through video.

She has shown her work in Herzliya Museum, Petah Tikva Museum, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Total Museum (Seoul, Korea), had a solo show in Freiburg, Germany and more. In addition to her own work, she has created an online short documentary series “Israeli Creators” (Yotsrim), where she distills the unique language of artists from different disciplines. She documents them in their studio, allowing a sneak peek into the creative process and developmental stages of creators from Israel. The series has been active online since 2014 and has created over 50 videos, with the assistance of The Israel National Lottery - Council for the Arts, CultureBuzz – Israel, Division of Cultural & Scientific Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which have been seen viewed 26,428 times on YouTube and has more than 6190 followers on Facebook.

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