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Khora opened up back in February as the world’s first virtual reality store. With a goal to create a virtual reality hub for innovators to learn about the technology and expand its potential. Combining a storefront, educational platform, and lab space, Khora aims to integrate people of all ages and walks of life who share a common interest in this emerging technology.

For our event on REALITY we’ll have the pleasure of welcoming Sérgio Oliveira from Khora Virtual Reality. Sérgio is a brand aficionado and a communications enthusiast, so he decided to come to Copenhagen to study a Master in Brand and Communications Management. With a spiking interest on new technologies, he took a Minor on Data in Business, and he is currently writing a thesis on Advertising in Immersive Technologies. In the meantime, he joined Khora Virtual Reality as a Marketing and Business Development Intern. With a past in business consultancy, he reckons that Virtual Reality will have a huge role in society in the times to come.

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