What is life like when you start sharing all your true feelings?

In an interactive talk, Sebastian and Martin introduce the concept of so called “radical honesty” and how it helps both our relationships and our mental health.

About the speaker

Sebastian is a Czech psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. In both life and work, he believes in openness, the ability to sense one’s own body, being able to play and being ready to help others. These are also the principles, that his workshops are based on, focusing on long-lasting personal relationships and sustainable happiness in life. His theory of “Radical Honesty” is an answer to a common reality of pretending, which also offers healthier and more entertaining way of life, as Sebastian says. He leads adventure workshops, individual and couple psychotherapy or communication and leadership trainings in the corporate environment.

Martin is a mentor and presentation skills instructor. He graduated from the Theatrical faculty of AMU in Prague and later also JAMU in Brno. After completing numerous trainings and internships in the Communications field, including Germany, Austria or France, he started lectures and workshops on his own. Since 2001, he trained over 13 500 corporate employees. Martin also led international workshops in Leipzig, Krakow or Birmingham.

His other big passion for the last 17 years has been the improv theatre. In 2012 he established IMPRO INSTITUT, which provides courses and workshops for both public and companies. He wrote two books on improvisation and prepares speakers for TEDx Prague and other conference events.

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