Saras talks about her journey after taking risk for working for Kopernik and meets Ibu Inspirasi (Wonder Women)

Saras, who have been working together with these “Ibu Inspirasi” for almost two years, shares inspiring stories about them: how they are taking risks for their families, communities, and the environment.

About the speaker

Saras is a communications officer at Kopernik, a social enterprise based in Bali connecting simple, life-changing technologies with last mile communities to reduce poverty.

After graduating from University of Indonesia with a degree in communication, Saras spent her days working long hours as a copywriter in a multinational advertising agency. One day, she decided to follow her true passion and joined Kopernik. Saras moved from Jakarta to Ubud with one mission: to make peoples’ lives better and live a better life.

She has travelled to most parts of remote East Nusa Tenggara, collecting series of stories about some of the most inspiring women she ever met, or as she like to call them, “Ibu Inspirasi”. A storyteller at heart, Saras takes every opportunity to share her valuable experience, from Pecha Kucha Night in Ubud to the United Nations HQ in New York.

When she’s not busy working, Saras tries her luck at cooking and embarks on exciting culinary adventures.

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