Learn about the different types of silence, and how to bring more of the right kind to your life

Silence. It’s become a rare delight in today’s world of constant sounds, interruptions, alerts, and the ongoing busyness that encompasses modern life. Join Sarah Webb, the owner of mobile meditation company Modern + Mindful, as she describes the importance of silence for the brain, why meditation is important, and how the wrong type of silence is detrimental to our overall well being. Listen to her personal experiences with silence, and the ways in which silence and the space for stillness play a role in learning what are the top priorities in your life.

About the speaker

Sarah Webb is the owner of Modern + Mindful, a company which specializes in teaching the basics of meditation and breathing techniques. Sarah has a business background, having earned a Masters in Business in England, followed by over a decade of hotel management and being a part of several start ups. She realized the need to bring more silence and calm into her own worklife, and quickly saw the many benefits that others could gain from her meditation teachings. A firm believer in the power of mindset, the benefit of time to be silent, and the importance of mental health strategies in both corporate and personal life. Mindfulness has been an essential part of her life, balancing the ownership of two different businesses, parenting two young children, and maintaining all of the responsibilities of life. A born and raised Calgarian, Sarah enjoys traveling, reading, and aims to be out in the mountains as much as possible throughout the entire year.

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