I’ve been involved in design most of my adult life, at first in interior design and architectural technologies but now, mostly with pixels and colour. My start in graphic design began in 1998 as an employee at a Calgary area printing company, Miracle Imprint. At first, I was running presses but gradually took night courses in Adobe Illustrator and soon worked my way into prepress and eventually graphic design. As life is a continually evolving process so is my career. Taking more courses in 3D design, hard surface modelling and most recently delving into matte painting for cinema my partner and I are moving into the world of movies and television. Some of our more recent work can be seen in Keanu Reeves recent movie Replicas where we did the VFX design and animation on all monitors including the big holographic monitor that Keanu manipulates. We also did the VFX for the big gun battle scene on Netflix's WU Assassins Ep.8.

VFX, Adobe CC, Illustration, 2D Animation, 3D modelling and connecting with clients.

getting away from my desk!

Go long

My co-founder Josh's ability to cut to the minimal while remaining profound

Going long

Interior design and renovations

Crisp mountain air on that first ski run of the season

In graphics, I would teach how to create and add patterns and textures to objects in Adobe Illustrator.

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