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Winter seems to have finally arrived in Cape Town and we can’t help but wonder how many of you are secretly grateful to be able to take those virtual meetings with your fluffy pajama pants and woolly socks on!

And as the rain washes off the dust of autumn, the seasonal change brings forth an appropriate time to crawl under the blanket of our own skin a little and delve into a new but yet well-known topic:


And who better to chat to us about her journey than the lovely Sarah Rice!

Sarah has had over 20 years experience in the technology and start-up space - creating them and helping them emerge into the world as successful and purpose-driven products. She has built a strong career as public relations and communications specialist but has now shifted her focus to people and culture, with her full-time role (first in almost 10 years!) as Chief People Officer at Skynamo.

As she describes it, the new role takes everything she has learnt about people, communications, leadership and technology and allows her to use it to help create an environment where people get to do their best work, and have fun doing it.

Put on your cozy slippers, grab your morning coffee and join us on 26 June 2020 as we learn more about her experiences in tackling this month’s theme.


This is a VIRTUAL event, happening online. Please scroll down to find more information on how to attend.

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Thanks Sarah! You are amazing!! 🤗 That whirlwind.. #truestory

Hilda Joubert
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Stunning my friend you are an inspiration 💚

Samantha Brady