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Born in 27th of January 1992 in Tirane and hating it since day one. My parallel reality is filled with art and creativity. Radio Host, Communication Executive, Singer, Actress and making a living out of the business world. Responsible for most people’s bald head and tattoos. Hoping to be a future anthropologist. Love my mom and dog !

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Broken- not being part of a long line of sheep. When being standard, we lose our souls, limit our potential and push away our happiness. When breaking these invisible social rules, we are able to free our mind from every bullshit idea that other unhappy people have put in our minds, which speak up every time we dare changing. This process will always be accompanied with judgmental voices and obstacles from people, who are too afraid to risk, but you have an advantage, you don’t care!!! If you don’t break the rules, some day, they will break you.

Being a rule breaker in Albania is a bitch. Most people are so frustrated, insecure, small minded, unaccomplished that every time a creative person comes along, all these complexes grow huge. They become aggressive, because you have challenged their “normal” idea of life, their comfort zone. The problem is not them as individuals; the problem is that most of the time you are being misunderstood, your idea is being misunderstood and twisted. Understand the way gossip is created?

I think breaking the rules, is a way of challenging this reality thru creativity. I face this challenge every day. Each morning I refuse to be part of the system and because I like winning, I make sure that not a single prospect of me says: YES MASTER!