Samir Geepee on The 7+1 Habits of Wonderfilling People

June 19, 8:15am - 10:00am +04. Hosted at NEST co-working space

part of a series on Wonder

About the speaker

Samir Geepee is a creative thinker and an exceptional conversationalist. He is the Founder and Curator of Awesome Walkers, a platform created to inspire and motivate through the art of deep and enlightening conversations. Over the course of several years, Samir has brought together people from different spheres of life to have engaging conversations, as well as exchange in knowledge sharing and ideas. Samir excels in quick thinking, free-format conversations, and inspiring talks.

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Additional details

We start at 8:15 with an icebreaker and 8:30 the main event! Plenty of coffee, snacks, tea, water, and great wifi thanks to the folks at the NEST.

Parking is free!

Arrive early and enjoy meeting new friends and catching up with old friends.

A new Dubai curated playlist will be food to the ears!