What’s good for community, is good for business. What’s good for business, is good for community.

In his talk, Salvador explores symmetry as a form of human connection, reciprocity and harmony. He dives into stories from his childhood, his experience in corporate America, and ultimately in his own personal ventures in building community through his coffee business.

About the speaker

Salvador Sanchez is the founder of A Cup of Common Wealth (parent company to Chocolate Holler and Magic Beans Coffee Roaster) and consults for businesses in the fields of food, beverage, and grocery with a focus on strategic planning and leadership.

He serves on the Board of Directors of the Blue Grass Community Foundation where he is the chair of the grants committee, the Board of Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild, the Steering Committee of Commerce Lex’s Emerge Conference, and the Advisory Board of Downtown Lexington Management District.

Prior to opening A Cup of Common Wealth, Sanchez was the Regional Coordinator for Allegro Coffee Company and Whole Foods Market’s southwest region where he managed the coffee, tea, chocolate, spice, houseware, and roasting operations for the region. Prior to Whole Foods, Sanchez was the Director of Coffee Cafes and Front End/Customer Service for Hastings Entertainment where he managed strategic initiatives and growth, operations, branding, and training of 100 cafes and led the strategic initiatives, operations, training, and merchandising of all the stores’ front end/customer service departments.

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