Salgado Fenwick

July 17, 8:30am - 10:00am MDT. Hosted at Salgado Fenwick

part of a series on Collaborate

About the speaker

Salgado Fenwick is an artistic collaboration between Shauna Force and Linda Ritter. We have both been creative minded since a very young age when we met in Kindergarten as family friends. Salgado Fenwick was established in 2007 when we met after Shauna returned from her BFA at UVic. We jumped in with both feet, and bought a silk screen setup and started making prints in Linda’s basement. Since then, we’ve been able to move into a wonderful studio space, open a mobile fashion truck AND recently, we’ve opened a shop/cafe on 124th.

We’re not really what you’d call your average ‘animal-print-on-a-shirt’ print studio. We draw our inspiration from nature and wildlife, and we love to visit the national and provincial parks to reference animals in their habitat. When we can’t make it out to the wild, we turn to the local libraries and museums to find out about the less known animals - musk oxen for example. Each of us make 2-3 images for a total of 4-5 prints produced each season. We like to match our art to the seasons - it just feels like some creatures are suited for different times of the year.

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