Rodney Olmos

Hosted at Studio Elevn

part of a series on Courage

About the speaker

I was born in Santa Cruz - Bolivia where I learned all of my bad habits of playing video games. I have always loved drawing since I can remember, so I decided to chase the life of an artist.

I’m a video game artist by trade but went to the dark side and intertwined programming inside my soul…

I have worked at some local game studios in the past. Avalanche Software (which became Disney Interactive and now Warner Bros), BeyondGames, and then Wildworks (formerly Smart Bomb Interactive).

I have worked with many brands in the past such as: Nickelodeon’s “Tak and the Power of Juju”, Bandai’s “Dragonball Z”, Schulz “Snoopy Flying Ace”, Namco’s “Pac Man World Rally” and many more.

The one that I feel has been a big accomplishment was helping create the visual foundation for the Animal Jam property at Wildworks during my time there as a Studio Art Director.

My latest adventures are in the Virtual Reality space at UNOverse as Studio Director. We just finished helping to wrap up a VR application for the upcoming “Ready Player One” film.

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Come join us this month for what should prove to be a super cool event - Rodney will be showing some of his new VR experience - and might even give us an opportunity to try!