Artist duo Robbert&Frank bring their performance and explain how small actions can be a cause for huge transformations

About the speaker

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert are visual artists, performers and videographers. Humour, transformation and power are key elements in their visual art practice. At CM, they will give us an insight into one of their performances GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD. A performance they’ve been repeating around the globe for the last three years and will keep on doing for as long as they can.

In 2015 they’ve built a small wooden suitcase that can be activated as a performance in public space: they unpack a hidden accordion system revealing a large signpost that reads: GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD.

Contemplation on friendship, collaboration, and human interaction is a key investigation in their performative art. R&F F&R share the belief that GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD becomes a mantra. Just like monks that repetitively chant the same phrases over and over again, R&F F&R are repeating the action of unfolding and presenting the message in different places and contexts since 2015. They plan to do this for as long as possible (maybe a lifetime…)

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