Restart with Dr James Fielding

November 30, 7:30am - 9:00am AEST. Hosted at The Lushington

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As a medical doctor with a passion for music, Dr James Fielding, the CEO of Audeara, studied business management and biomedical science at the University of Queensland (UQ), working in financial research analysis and public relations in the USA, before starting his medical degree at UQ.

James was based at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital before leaving full-time clinical medicine to focus on making the Audeara dream a reality – the world’s first audio-perfecting headphones with a built-in hearing test.

As a professional drummer, his love of music stoked his passion for improving the field of audiology, and his role as CEO of Audeara allows him to utilise his unique skill set to its full potential. See James speak on the theme of Restart on Friday, November 30th.