Reginald Baylor speaks about the power of color, his theories behind it, and the role it plays in his artwork and our lives.

For CreativeMornings/Milwaukee’s first event and September’s theme of “Color,” Milwaukee-resident artist Reginald Baylor of Reginald Baylor Studio and Plaid Tuba spoke spontaneously about his experiences with color. His candid comments spanned a broad spectrum of topics: from color theory to commerce and lollipop trees, while sharing the process and broad influences behind his work, and his thoughts on the interaction of color.

Video by David Busse and Sam Kozel.

Event made possible with local support from The Box MKE, MKE Production Rental, Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts, and Wellspring.

About the speaker

Reginald Baylor grew up in Milwaukee, WI and attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (1984-88) where he was a sculpture major, but was encouraged to pursue commercial art and art education. Because of his fascination with a philosophy class, he became infatuated with the line and its theories and function.

Reginald had set aside sculpting due to a lack of space and resources and began to paint with acrylics. Various work experiences in a museum setting reinvigorated Reginald’s pursuit of the process of fine art. The pivotal point in this path was a California straight-edge, minimalist artist who suggested that Reginald use masking tape as a tool for decisively executing the linear quality in his work.

Baylor has work in the permanent collections at the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Reginald is also a co-founder of Plaid Tuba, a logistics brand that manufactures creativity through products, content and service for creative professionals and their clients.

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