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Rebecca Roberts, a former interior architect, calls her practice Inner Architecture. She coaches clients – teams and individuals – to explore personal patterns and attitudes. “They often feel stuck or disenchanted. Even though they’ve spent an immense amount of time and energy on cultivating their external world, for instance work, relationships, and yet they’ve lost touch with the ability to truly connect. This is the work of Inner Architecture – reconnecting to yourself in order to see through the self-imposed limitations and confidently reclaim your inner space,” she says.

Rebecca’s partner Mathias Fritzen is also a coach with an extensive CV: previous app developer, professional poker player, martial art practitioner and parkour pioneer. Their foundational work overlaps; in many ways with Mathias focusing more on the journey of self-exploration and personal development. He also incorporates Eastern mind-sets adapted for Western contemporary life.

Both Rebecca and Mathias are ICF Professional Certified Coaches who utilize a wide variety of modalities to provide highly individualized experiences for their clients. As Mathias puts it: »Fancy titles for simple yet effective tools that support our clients to reach their true potential.«

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