We had no plan

Janine Bensouda and Asmae Lemniei share the story of how compassion can become a driver of change.

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The Ramadan fridges initiative FB group is a great communication forum and supports the individual volunteers with guidelines and top tips. It also gives them the opportunity to share new ideas, ask for additional help to man the fridge or to fill their fridges.

It connects those wishing to donate food and drinks with those hosting a fridge. It indicates where the fridges are (maps) and is used to exchange tips and stories. It’s also a fantastic support group for the fridge managers - especially to let people know when fridges need restocking.

The initiative also provides a platform to connect people and enhance the community spirit.

This is the story of how Ramadan fridges went from a small neighbourhood project to a much larger community wide project.

Sharing food and drinks during the Holy month is not a new concept in Dubai. Fikra Yel -our number one fridge; along with other like-minded individuals- had been setting up fridges outside their homes during Ramadan to share with the less fortunate for many years.

However, the Ramadan fridge initiative started in ernest in 2016 when Sumayyah Sayed inherited Fikra’s fridge and set up a Facebook group for Ramadan 2016. The FB group was created as a platform to share the location of the fridges so that individuals from the community could contribute to it and get involved. The initiative went from a few few fridges to over 170 in a matter of weeks. This year we have over 150 fridges in Dubai and the Facebook group has over 27,000 followers today. These 150 fridges are providing food and drink to over 10,000 workers a day….and bringing a community together in a very special compassionate way.

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