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Hey there!

We are de Tekenmachine! A collaboration between Antoine Stöhr and Justin Ghijsen. We draw stuff. Antoine is an industrial designer who loves drawing! Besides making his own work he has been doing several drawing jobs for businesses, such as live drawing, and making whiteboard animations. Justin studied Media and Entertainment Management, had a full-time job for a very short time and decided to ZZP. He has been making murals and drawing stuff for bands, skateboard/surf brands, and making his own work for quite a while now. Justin and Antoine met while surfing, and found out both liked to draw! Their drawing styles were kind of similar, but where put to use in such a different way. So they decided to organize a drawing evening where they would hang a big piece of paper on the wall, drink some beers, and completely fill the paper with all materials they could get their hands on. There was only one rule: Nothing is wrong! This way of drawing was a relief for both of them because this time there was no pressure to make a perfect drawing for a client or create something really nice. But just a fun evening to experiment, observe each other’s drawings, and drinking some beers. Every Tuesday night was kept free for our the drawing night and so de Tekenmachine was born! De Tekenmachine is just one year old and is already taking on some commissioned jobs for a few different companies, where of course the output has to be of a certain quality, but the mindset is similar to the Tuesday night drawing nights. This results in a very fun way of working for de Tekenmachine, and a surprising result for the client!

November’s theme is Radical!!!

Better doors and realities can only open when we collectively start to move differently. 🚪 Entrepreneur and activist Tanya Torp shared in her CreativeMornings talk, “It’s radical when you let other people lead, and you get out of the way. I define radical hospitality as ‘transformational connections through welcome.’"⠀ ⠀ The @creativemornings_sd chapter chose this month’s exploration of #CMradical, @maheswarijanarthanan illustrated the theme, and @mailchimp is presenting it globally.⠀ ⠀