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Rachel Gleason

Rachel is a poet and musician whose poetry is often an interaction between religious symbolism and contemporary observation, woven together with vivid imagery and word play - and is brought to life through her truly original and engrossing performance style, which combines a sharp but understated humor with a charisma born from her early gospel/evangelical influences. She is also a singer/songwriter with a powerful, unique voice. In addition to working with the youth in high schools through out the state as a member of The Diatribe collective, she also co-hosts The Drunken Retort, a poetry based open mic held every Monday night at Stella’s Lounge in Grand Rapids, MI.

G Foster II

G Foster II, AKA Auto Pilot, is an experienced rapper, poet, entrepreneur, and promoter here in Grand Rapids. His performance style is relaxed and confident and his words effortlessly strike the funny bone while also tugging on heart strings. In addition to throwing The Original Back to the 90’s Party at The Pyramid Scheme every few months, he is also one of the founders and hosts of The Drunken Retort, a spoken word based open mic held at Stella’s Lounge every Monday night. As a member of The Diatribe, a spoken word collective, he visits schools across the state to teach and inspire students through poetry. He is also in the Hip Hop group Gray Theory who are on slight hiatus but they are forever apart of the Grand Rapids music scene through experience and tutelage!

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