Rachel Eseoghene Egboro

October 12, 8:30am - 10:00am MST. Hosted at Roosevelt Community Church

part of a series on Honesty

About the speaker

Rachel Eseoghene Egboro { @unrachable — @thewholestoryshow } is a storyteller - which is strange for her to say, since we’re all storytellers. She just chooses to spend her free time writing, curating and coaching individuals and businesses on the art of storytelling.

In January 2017, Rachel launched The Whole Story to expand Black narratives and challenge stereotypes through personal stories. In partnership with the Phoenix Art Museum, the show debuted to a sold out crowd in the museum’s Whiteman Hall. Each quarter five different people develop their stories with Rachel to be delivered to a live audience.

After seven sold out shows, over 2,000 people have heard 35 stories on love, life and a variety of universal themes told from the Black perspective. With each part, Rachel hopes to paint a clearer picture of the Black experience as a whole.