Changing the way non-profits engage with the corporations and volunteers who love them. Creating potent service opportunities that transform stakeholders, employees, customers and volunteers into evangelists for your cause and guarantee their long term support. People don't want to give a dollar, they want to make a difference. When hearts and hands come together, pockets always follow. Let's Chase What Matters!

Getting people motivated and having them fall in love with your project so much that they can't wait to tell everyone around them what they're doing and how they can join in, too! Who needs advertising budgets? (Sorry ad guys!) Get the people who love you to be your loudspeakers by letting them help you.

Visual design and database management/newsletter stuff; social media mgmt.

First you align, then you build.

I have a sparkly magnet hidden in my heart. It makes people want to come close to me. They think I'm the one that is lit up, but they're just seeing their own sparkle reflected in my eyes.

In my first life, I was a lawyer ... shhhh! no one can tell anymore, I seem so nice! I pay my dues every year, just in case, because I NEVER want to have to take the bar exam again. EVER!

That if I allow someone to help, both our lives are changed in the process.

How to answer the question "What do you do?" with something much more interesting than how you earn your living.

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