Rachael Banks

Rachael Banks shares her experience of using photography as a means of cheating death. She explores the importance of creatives creating honest work, building a legacy, and connecting with the dead.

About the speaker

Rachael Banks is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Northern Kentucky University. Rachael is a Louisville, KY native and currently based in Covington, KY. She received an MFA in photography at Texas Woman’s University and a BA in photography from Bellarmine University.

Rachael’s work focuses primarily on family dynamics, relationships, and nostalgia. She is especially interested in social subcultures and identity informed by place. Rachael is an avid supporter of self-publishing, accessible art, zines, and collecting. She is inspired by artists who work in collaboration with each other and their community.

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What I have learned about making good images is that I’ve made a shit ton of bad images. But if I didn’t make that bad work, I wouldn’t know what good work was. — Rachael Banks

We get caught up a lot with trends and following trends, and its not necessarily like trends are bad, but when I think about what'll happen when I'm not here, and what I'll leave behind, its my images, its my work. If I follow trends I don't know what that says about me when I'm not here anymore. — Rachael Banks

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