I'm into anything having to do with good storytelling, be it with words, pictures or some combination of the two. And I'm a Scorpio.

I know a lot about storytelling and what makes people tick. Everything I've done in my adult life, from acting to creative writing to digital printing to sales to advertising to freelance writing, has centered around telling stories in a particular context. I'm a very quick study - a sponge, actually - and can sling jargon like a seasoned pro after a brief time spent downloading facts and figures.

I need to find good web designers and graphic designers to partner with on long-term client projects. I could also use some help with content creation (writing, animation, video, etc.) as my business grows.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Just don't make the same mistake twice

I most admire creative smarts, coupled with an iron will.

X-Ray vision.

Bob Dylan's voice coach

the password to my MacBook

I'd teach someone how to write a good sentence.


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