Project 305

Hosted at New World Center

part of a series on Beyond

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Project 305 is an opportunity for Miamians to share their stories and experiences of life in Miami. By weaving together your stories, we will create Miami’s first crowdsourced symphony and accompanying video — reflecting life in Miami through the lens of its people.

Knight Foundation, New World Symphony and MIT Media Lab invite Miamians everywhere to join the #Project305 movement.

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What does Miami sound like to you? Look like to you? What sounds and sights represent your idea of home?

Share your impressions of and emotions for Miami by submitting audio and video clips of your life in Miami to the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy (NWS), as part of Project 305.

Those submissions will be used to compose an orchestral work and accompanying video that will be performed by the New World Symphony.

In capturing the visuals and sounds of Miami, we ask that you draw from your own personal experiences of living in the County. The final work will be reflective of Miami-Dade County as seen through the eyes of you and other Miamians.