Preserve with Sam Daley

May 24, 7:30am - 9:00am AEST. Hosted at Museum of Brisbane

part of a series on Preserve

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Sam Daley is the Product Design Director at Liquid Interactive, located in Fortitude Valley.

Sam is a multi-disciplinary design practitioner and leader. With twenty years’ experience in print, digital, UX, animation and illustration, he now leads a talented team at Liquid Interactive.

He approaches design as a flexible and practical methodology for solving problems. It is design as an enabler – as an agent for positive change.


The beauty in our world deserves to be cherished, sustained, and rediscovered. We share this life, and every day we have the opportunity to act as thoughtful participants in it.

What do we care about? What do we take for granted? Would we miss it if it disappeared?

Preservation begins with asking deep questions and turning our attention to the environment around us.

Marine biologist and explorer Sylvia Earle wrote in her book, The World is Blue, “Should we race to see how quickly we can consume the last tuna, swordfish, and grouper? Or race to see what can be done to protect what remains? For now, there is still a choice.”

Our daily habits are a mirror reflecting back what we truly care about. Our actions are key to protecting the wellbeing of our communities, cities, and planet.

Pause for a moment to notice what is being neglected and take an audit. We can break out of patterns, simplify our lives, and focus on the things that will last a long time.

Together, we can chart a brighter path into the future.


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