Pierre Orsander

Hosted at Café Dornonville

part of a series on Courage

About the speaker

Pierre Orsander is working on the daytime as a User Experience Designer. On his spare time he writes (At Skitgott.se) and creates projects related to food and also arranges events trying to strengthen entrepreneurship and design in Malmö. A few of his latest side-projects is The Book of Falafel, Burgarnatten and last year he decided to have the courage to try and set a world record in eating at the most restaurants in the shortest time.


Pierre Orsander will talk about ‘To have courage and believe in your ideas’.

Have you ever had the feeling sometime you wish you had the courage to set an idea or thought in to motion?

No matter if that thing is expressing love to someone, to quit a comfortable job or to make a dream into reality, Pierre will talk will be about standing up for ideas, be brave, and not throwing in the towel before you have even tried.

Additional details

Doors open at 8am, fika will be served followed by a short talk from Pierre and a chance to ask questions. The program is finished for 9am.

Spaces are limited to 25 for this intimate event, registration opens on Monday 19th at 9am. If you are registered and can’t make it please return your ticket and the next up on the waiting list will get your spot. Thank you!